From the Field Shoot and 3D shoot in Spain, Melania Sanjorge Garcia, sent us a letter and we wanted to share it with you.

“Good morning Ben and Linda.
I write to tell you that you have to be super proud of the bows that you do. As you know I have little time with your Longbow, but I was feeling so good that I took it to the championships of Spain that lay ahead.
The result could not be better! I managed two titles of champion of Spain, the field shooting and 3D Championship defeating my teacher and friend Encarna.
Thank you for this wonderful bow, I hope to meet you and give you a hug in person.” -Melania Sanjorge Garcia

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I am not referring to your physical or even your mental shooting form but your spiritual shooting form. That is right, there is a spiritual aspect to everything that we do. 1 Cor. 10:31 tells us that

“whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  Everything that man does has a connection to glorifying God, including shooting the bow and arrow. Paul gives this admonition to Christians

in 1 Thess. 5:18, “In everything give thanks”. Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about:

When I am shooting my bow, I give God thanks for health, strength and the ability to actually draw and shoot. Do not take this for granted. There are many people who are not blessed with this

ability and there has been times when I have not been able. I am sure you can say the same thing, due to injury or illness.

I thank God for the financial blessings that enable me to participate in archery and archery events. I need not go thru a list of expenditures required for this. You already know the costs. Lack of

finances are sometimes a prohibiting factor , especially for bowhunting.

I give thanks to God for the opportunity and privilege to spend time with friends and family and make new friends. Friendships are more valuable than gold. They are a gift and blessing from

God. Thru friends we have the opportunity to be a blessing and encouragement or to receive one. When you are shooting with a friend do you encourage him or her when they are shooting poorly

and congratulate them when they are shooting well? In July of 2013 I found myself at the I.B.O. Traditional World Championship in Cloverdale Indiana. I was trying to recovcr from a very serious

illness and felt very poorly. I only made the 12 hr. drive because my wife enjoys the friendships that she has developed with the world class women shooters. As I walked toward my car that first

morning I heard two men yelling my name, “hey, Ben, hey, Ben”. I looked around and here comes a tall slender gentleman with arms outstretched and gave me a big hug. I had met him at an

archery event years earlier. He is an attorney from Ill. and rides Tennessee Walkers. They asked if I would shoot with them, to which I gladly agreed. As it turned out, we shot many rounds

together that weekend and in spite of the fact that I was shooting very poorly (not even in the competition) I had one of the most enjoyable times that I have ever had at an archery event.

Several other friends asked me to shoot with them as well and some I did not even know gave me invitations. I felt bad and I shot bad but I have never had a better time. What a blessing!

And I thank God for it!

Another aspect to spiritual archery form when it is outdoors is the opportunity to participate in creation and worship. I am always aware of my surroundings, the geography, foliage, types and

size of trees, streams, I even found a very unique rock at one event while on the 3-D range. Some kind of honey comb fossil that looks like it came from the sea, yet it was on some hill country

in Tennessee. I believe someone said something about a world wide flood. When I hear a bird sing, what I hear is a creature praising his creator. It is music to my ears as well.

One more and actually the most important element of spiritual archery form is that often times there is an opportunity to witness for Christ and or the Creator or provide a word of  encouragement.

Hebrews 3″13 tells us to “exhort one another daily”. Thru my participation in archery, bowhunting and bow building, God has brought others into my life that have been a blessing and

encouragement. For this I say , Thank you!

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Here’s a story on Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear in Colorado.

elk hunt1

Man I really got lucky this weekend. Check out this bull that I got with the bow Ben built for me. The fourth picture is the bull on Friday morning through a camera on a spotting scope. Tommy and my nephew Chad scouted this bull from miles away through a spotting scope on Friday morning. They had elk scouted for themselves, but were excited to show me on a map where this bull and 30 cows were on a pattern through a saddle at the top of a drainage right at timber line. This drainage was near where Chris and I were going on our back pack hunt, and we decided we needed to make a go for this bull.  My good wife of 35 years and I back packed within about a mile of him on Friday afternoon. We got up at 4:30am on Saturday morning and climbed up to take a crack at him. Well even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. After the shot, I climbed up on a peak and got my sons on the radio (they were a few drainages away) at a designated time and told them I thought I heart shot this bull but couldn’t find blood ( I did heart shoot him, but the arrow went through right above and at the back of the elbow and no blood could come out. Just the tip of the broad head came out the other arm pit and he didn’t put any blood out there either.)  The bull didn’t even go 75 yards but took a direction change that faked us out for a long time. The boys abandoned their hunt and hiked 5 hours to get to me and Chris. We finished boning him out right at dark. Family and a couple of friends helped pack him out on Sunday. We had a couple of long tough days, but now the meat is aging and we will cut it up later this week. Not bad for an old couple like me and Chris (along with a lot of help from our sons and very close friends). I am really proud of my wife. She had a really tough time getting out in the dark and climbing over those peaks and crossing those rock fields (so did I), but never complained. Though exhausted, she would just comment on the beauty of the surrounding country. All hunting buddies should be like her. The way this came together, I really think the Lord had a huge hand in blessing me and my family.

I really hope all is well with you guys. All here are healthy and happy. We are moving to a new shop next month and will be able to have a 20 lane archery range.

elkhunt2 elkhunt3 elkhunt4



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Some of you elderly gentlemen may remember a TV character from the 50’s and 60’s by the name of Fred Kirby. He dressed the part of a cowboy and ministered principles to children. He always sang a theme song entitled “Home on the Range”. There was one line that has always stuck with me and it went something like this; Oh home, home on the range, where the deer and the buffalo roam, where seldom is heard, a discouraging word and the sky is not cloudy all day”.

Having recently gone thru a serious illness, I learned the importance of encouraging words. Many  friends called, sent cards or came to visit me with encouraging words. Some, on the other hand were anything but encouraging. In fact they were down right depressing. In the book of Hebrews chapter 3 and verse 13 the writer gives this admonition; “but exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today”,  lest any of you be hardened thru the deceitfulness of sin.” Allow me to urge you to make a habit of encouraging and exhorting others daily. You never know just how much difference you may make in someone’s day or life!

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2,000 yrs. ago the God of all creation sent his only begotten son into this world of mortality to take on the same mortal flesh as ours, thru the same method as ours,      

that is thru the birth of a woman, that he might keep the law of God to its perfection 

and that he might bear the sins of many by his vicarious death on a Roman crusifix. 

Some 300 yrs. after the birth of Christ, the Roman Catholic chruch adopted, Dec. 25 as a date to celebrate this epic occasion and called it  Christ-mas or Christmas for short. Why Dec. 25? Because this is the date that the pagans of Rome celebrated the 

birth of the Son god! Dec. 25 is the winter solstis! The means of their celebtations

were decorations and gift giving, along with the worship of evergreen trees.

Hundreds of yrs. later, a Roman Catholic saint by the name of Nicolas was idolized

and thrown into the mix along with his fictisous dress, north pole lodging and deer

driven, flying sled. Today, christians and unbelievers alike lie to their children and

encourage the idolization of this fictisous character while they mimic the same

pagan customs as the Romans.

What does God teach us about such behaviour thru His word?

First of all, the date of Christ’s birth is not given to us. That is because He does not

intend for us to celebrate or observe a particular date. It is the fact that Christ was

born into this world to take away the sins of His people that should bring  joy to our hearts 365 days a yr. Paul exorts us in Romans 12:2 to NOT be conformed to this

world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you might prove

what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. The prophet Jeremiah

warned the people of God to not learn the ways of the Gentiles (pagans or

unbelievers) such as cutting down trees and decorating them with silver and gold,

Jeremiah 10:2-5. The angels of God brought glad tidings of great joy! Our Saviour

was born! It is not simply the fact of his birth that causes this joy. His birth

accomplished nothing! It is what he was born to do that causes this joy in us! He

came to save His people from thier sin! Thanks be to God for joy unspeakable

because of his abundant mercy and grace!

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Small bow, Big power…

“The Piranha” by Hummingbird Custom Bows..

Check out the bow, follow this link:

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Kingfisher Recurve bows are custom hand crafted by Ben Graham, They have bamboo core limbs and can be customized to your specifications with exotic woods. These exotic bow woods are each unique and beautiful, supplies are limited and demand is high. Call now to order your custom hand crafted traditional long bow or recurve, by Ben Graham.

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