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From the Field Shoot and 3D shoot in Spain, Melania Sanjorge Garcia, sent us a letter and we wanted to share it with you.

“Good morning Ben and Linda.
I write to tell you that you have to be super proud of the bows that you do. As you know I have little time with your Longbow, but I was feeling so good that I took it to the championships of Spain that lay ahead.
The result could not be better! I managed two titles of champion of Spain, the field shooting and 3D Championship defeating my teacher and friend Encarna.
Thank you for this wonderful bow, I hope to meet you and give you a hug in person.” -Melania Sanjorge Garcia

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Here’s a story on Tom Clum of Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear in Colorado.

elk hunt1

Man I really got lucky this weekend. Check out this bull that I got with the bow Ben built for me. The fourth picture is the bull on Friday morning through a camera on a spotting scope. Tommy and my nephew Chad scouted this bull from miles away through a spotting scope on Friday morning. They had elk scouted for themselves, but were excited to show me on a map where this bull and 30 cows were on a pattern through a saddle at the top of a drainage right at timber line. This drainage was near where Chris and I were going on our back pack hunt, and we decided we needed to make a go for this bull.  My good wife of 35 years and I back packed within about a mile of him on Friday afternoon. We got up at 4:30am on Saturday morning and climbed up to take a crack at him. Well even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. After the shot, I climbed up on a peak and got my sons on the radio (they were a few drainages away) at a designated time and told them I thought I heart shot this bull but couldn’t find blood ( I did heart shoot him, but the arrow went through right above and at the back of the elbow and no blood could come out. Just the tip of the broad head came out the other arm pit and he didn’t put any blood out there either.)  The bull didn’t even go 75 yards but took a direction change that faked us out for a long time. The boys abandoned their hunt and hiked 5 hours to get to me and Chris. We finished boning him out right at dark. Family and a couple of friends helped pack him out on Sunday. We had a couple of long tough days, but now the meat is aging and we will cut it up later this week. Not bad for an old couple like me and Chris (along with a lot of help from our sons and very close friends). I am really proud of my wife. She had a really tough time getting out in the dark and climbing over those peaks and crossing those rock fields (so did I), but never complained. Though exhausted, she would just comment on the beauty of the surrounding country. All hunting buddies should be like her. The way this came together, I really think the Lord had a huge hand in blessing me and my family.

I really hope all is well with you guys. All here are healthy and happy. We are moving to a new shop next month and will be able to have a 20 lane archery range.

elkhunt2 elkhunt3 elkhunt4



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