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I am not referring to your physical or even your mental shooting form but your spiritual shooting form. That is right, there is a spiritual aspect to everything that we do. 1 Cor. 10:31 tells us that

“whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  Everything that man does has a connection to glorifying God, including shooting the bow and arrow. Paul gives this admonition to Christians

in 1 Thess. 5:18, “In everything give thanks”. Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about:

When I am shooting my bow, I give God thanks for health, strength and the ability to actually draw and shoot. Do not take this for granted. There are many people who are not blessed with this

ability and there has been times when I have not been able. I am sure you can say the same thing, due to injury or illness.

I thank God for the financial blessings that enable me to participate in archery and archery events. I need not go thru a list of expenditures required for this. You already know the costs. Lack of

finances are sometimes a prohibiting factor , especially for bowhunting.

I give thanks to God for the opportunity and privilege to spend time with friends and family and make new friends. Friendships are more valuable than gold. They are a gift and blessing from

God. Thru friends we have the opportunity to be a blessing and encouragement or to receive one. When you are shooting with a friend do you encourage him or her when they are shooting poorly

and congratulate them when they are shooting well? In July of 2013 I found myself at the I.B.O. Traditional World Championship in Cloverdale Indiana. I was trying to recovcr from a very serious

illness and felt very poorly. I only made the 12 hr. drive because my wife enjoys the friendships that she has developed with the world class women shooters. As I walked toward my car that first

morning I heard two men yelling my name, “hey, Ben, hey, Ben”. I looked around and here comes a tall slender gentleman with arms outstretched and gave me a big hug. I had met him at an

archery event years earlier. He is an attorney from Ill. and rides Tennessee Walkers. They asked if I would shoot with them, to which I gladly agreed. As it turned out, we shot many rounds

together that weekend and in spite of the fact that I was shooting very poorly (not even in the competition) I had one of the most enjoyable times that I have ever had at an archery event.

Several other friends asked me to shoot with them as well and some I did not even know gave me invitations. I felt bad and I shot bad but I have never had a better time. What a blessing!

And I thank God for it!

Another aspect to spiritual archery form when it is outdoors is the opportunity to participate in creation and worship. I am always aware of my surroundings, the geography, foliage, types and

size of trees, streams, I even found a very unique rock at one event while on the 3-D range. Some kind of honey comb fossil that looks like it came from the sea, yet it was on some hill country

in Tennessee. I believe someone said something about a world wide flood. When I hear a bird sing, what I hear is a creature praising his creator. It is music to my ears as well.

One more and actually the most important element of spiritual archery form is that often times there is an opportunity to witness for Christ and or the Creator or provide a word of  encouragement.

Hebrews 3″13 tells us to “exhort one another daily”. Thru my participation in archery, bowhunting and bow building, God has brought others into my life that have been a blessing and

encouragement. For this I say , Thank you!

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Small bow, Big power…

“The Piranha” by Hummingbird Custom Bows..

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Kingfisher Recurve bows are custom hand crafted by Ben Graham, They have bamboo core limbs and can be customized to your specifications with exotic woods. These exotic bow woods are each unique and beautiful, supplies are limited and demand is high. Call now to order your custom hand crafted traditional long bow or recurve, by Ben Graham.

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