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Kingfisher Longbow

Hummingbird's top of the line longbow.   Kingfisher bows are available in four beautiful Rosewoods. These heavier woods provide better stability.

Cocobolo, Bocote, Ziricote, and Marble Wood;
These woods are limited in availability and have now become extremely difficult to inventory, our current stock is all we have left, indefinitely.

Limb Laminations:

Left to Right: Bocote, Carpathiean Elm Burl, Cocobolo, Creamy Etimoe, Curly Bubinga, Eucalyptus, Karelian Birch Burl, Leopard Cerejeira.

All longbows available as one-piece or three-piece take down.

One Piece: $995.00
Three Piece: $1,200.00
One-piece Longbows available from 54 to 66 inches long

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